Couples Counselling

Relationship or couples counselling can be necessary to help develop better communication skills, resolve conflict and create healthy, more flexible boundaries. Most couples are driven to therapy because of a crisis, a breakdown in communication or repetitive/unhealthy conflict often questioning if they are with the right partner.  But in truth, all intimate relationships need ongoing attention to learn about yourself and your partner and to develop the skills needed to live in a close committed relationship.

The aim of Couples therapy is to help repair old behaviour patterns and create space for renewed healthy and rewarding connections.  This can be done through:

Understanding what is causing you to drift apart.

Understanding how family values, religion, country of origin and philosophy of life affect your relationship.

Reflect on how the past operates in the present.

Explore how arguments and rows seem to escalate in the same way each time.

Receive emotional support through what is inevitably a painful process, if you decide to separate or divorce.