Relationship Counselling

Couples learn how to…

  • Listen to and understand more about each other.
  • Communicate in an easier and more constructive way.
  • Negotiate difficult decisions.
  • Recover the love, respect and fun that has previously been enjoyed.

Common Issues

Does this seem familiar? Simple misunderstanding can move in seconds to conflict and anger. If there is anything that needs dealing with in your relationship, please get in touch.

Have you ever said?
  • “I have trouble with close relationships”
  • “We can’t live together”
  • “We can’t live apart”
  • “I want children, but my partner doesn’t”
  • “We are not communicating”
  • “We love each other but can’t stop rowing”
  • “We have different sexual needs”
  • “I can’t cope with the jealousy”
  • “We have money problems and my partner will not face up to them.”
  • “The violence is frightening”
  • “My partner is driving me crazy”
  • “My partner doesn’t understand my needs”
  • “My partner wants a divorce but I don’t, I just need to talk”
Here at See For Miles, we can also help you:
  • Understand how family values, religion, country of origin and philosophy of life affect the relationship.
  • Reflect on how the past operates in the present.
  • Explore how arguments and rows seem to escalate in the same way each time.
  • By giving you emotional support through what is inevitably a painful process, if you decide to separate or divorce.

Train to be a Couples Counsellor [for Practitioners only]

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