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Geoff is a professionally trained and qualified Integrative Psychotherapist working with adults, children, young people and families.  He is a Registered Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists and is bound by their Professional Code of Ethics and professional practice.  He is enhanced DBS checked and sees clients at his SFM offices based in Pewsey, Wiltshire.

Geoff’s Work History

Having had six years of experience working with children, he broadened his area of expertise by working with offenders of all ages, and families going through acrimonious divorce. By 1990, Geoff had accumulated a store of knowledge about human behaviour, personality and the psyche, through his studies and experientially. Working with dysfunctional families, disadvantaged, disaffected and abused children, and offenders of all types.

In 1991 worked as a Counsellor alongside his full-time job as a Social Worker and joined the Child Protection Investigation Team, investigating charges of child abuse and interviewing the victims and the perpetrators. Involved in studies in Child Protection at Leicester University.  Since this time, Geoff  has spent many years working with children who face difficulties in their lives. These include, Looked After Children (children in care), the Youth Offending Team (YOT), Hospital Schools, Adoption Services and Social Services’ Children & Families Team.

He studied as a Psychotherapist covered such areas as Humanistic, Existential, Psychoanalytic, Behavioral, Cognitive, Eclectic and Integrative Theory and Procedure. This reflected his earlier work, especially in crisis intervention, where a quick response was needed and a comprehensive “tool kit” of skills enabled him to easily meet his clients’ needs.

To support his Psychotherapy training Geoff went on to complete Qualifications in Hypnotherapy and Regression and  developed and facilitated workshops and lectures at Bath University, Wiltshire Colleges, the BACP and into the Corporate Market.

In 1996, Geoff set up in Private Practice.

Training & Qualification
  • Northwest London Polytechnic Teacher Training
  • Southampton University C.Q.S.W
  • Home Office Training in:
    • Counselling
    • GroupWork
    • Social Skills Life Skills
    • Criminal & Family Law
  • Leicester University – Child Protection Studies
  • Bath – Psychotherapy Diploma
  • Leeds – Hypnotherapy Diploma
  • Regents College – Regression Therapy Diploma

In 2009 See For Miles Ltd was formed in partnership with Helen Payne-Kumar.   Offering a professional counselling, psychotherapy service which encapsulates counselling and therapy for individuals, couples, and families, and professional training for practitioners, supervision and staff support.

Helen Payne-Kumar