Relationship Training 

Course Dates 2018

Spring Intake:

23 April to 27 April 2018 - Course

Individual Presentation and Feedback within six months from the end of the Course.

Autumn Intake:

TBA - Course

Individual Presentation and Feedback within six months from the end of the Course.

The Couples Counselling Course

This has to have been one of the best courses that I have been on in my counselling career. I felt that the course facilitators" modelled the model" and this enriched the experience and provided an excellent learning environment where skills could be developed.SC

Develop your existing counselling skills further in the Couples Counselling Diploma Course. This is an intense, experiential course providing students with a further understanding of issues relating to various couple work scenarios and same sex relationships. This course is recognised by the Couples Counselling Network but is not an accredited BACP or UKCP course. However, in September 2016, we were asked to speak at the BACP Private Practice Conference, "Relationships ... why bother" the content of which will be published in their December 2016 publication of Private Practice magazine.

This course (1 week module), develops the core principles of couples counselling through both theory and experiential exercises. To then complete your qualification for this course 1 Case Study must be undertaken with a minimum of 3 sessions within a 6 month period of the course end date, however, due to different students ability and experience more sessions may be required to demonstrate your competence. The Case Study is to be prepared into a 1 hour presentation, presented in whatever format you choose to your tutors. We give a detailed outline as to the requirements of your case study on the course itself.

About Us

The course is based on a Model of Relationship Counselling developed by See For Miles Ltd. It has been used successfully used with hundreds of couples over the last twenty years. Counsellors qualified in one to one counselling have been taught this model to Diploma level and have integrated it into their current practices, therefore, expanding their client base into couple and family work.

 As practitioners and part of our professional practice we are required to undergo continuing professional development.  Please find the latest CPD Courses available from See For Miles Ltd to further develop your work with couples.

Miscommunication: the mother of conflict

This workshop was first presented at the BACP Private Practice Conference on 24 September 2016, “Relationships, why bother?”.  After such a great response we have decided to offer this as one of our CPD days to those who missed it the first time.

This workshop is structured to highlight, in particular, two aspects which underpin any Relationship and is accompanied by specific ways of working within these areas with your clients:

Communication and the impact of miscommunication.

  • Conflict that can swiftly lead to anger and even rage.

We will focus on the many ways that poor, or lack of, communication can manifest as conflict and anger. We will examine, experientially, how the participants in the workshop can work with their couples using tried and tested techniques which can be added to their professional tool box.

Sex without stress

There is a difference between sex and being in an intimate relationship with someone. Both are an essential part of a long-term relationship. 

When couples come to you for counselling, this is an area which usually needs to be addressed in the therapeutic process and one which is often difficult for a couple to broach initially. 

For some, discussing such an intimate, private topic may come heavily laden with anxiety, embarrassment, denial or even avoidance.   It is safe to say that the issues which couples bring into counselling invariably have an affect on their sexual relationship and to have an understanding of how their sexual relationship is being affected as a direct result of these issues is key to your working with couples.

This workshop explores how to work affectively with sex and intimacy in the couple relationship.