Stress at Work and Home







One in three Britons are so stressed at work they have checked their emails in the middle of the night, a study has found.

Researchers who polled 2,000 adults found 79 per cent struggle to switch off at bedtime and leave the stress of work and their daily life behind them.

Six in 10 even said they often wake suddenly in the night with thoughts of work and other worries – an average of four times a week or an incredible 215 times a year.

[The Independent May 2018]

This may come as a surprise to many people but it , in our experience, is all too common.

Lets take a typical example; a couple start a Relationship, both have a career and they have a nice home, ready for a family. Children come along and one parent puts their career on hold to look after them whilst the other works extra hard to bring financial support. Demands at work and at home increase rapidly and if no boundaries are put in place – quite often the case – then stress and anxiety can build at an alarming rate.

We are not taught these things at school and most of us have to find out the hard way! But the good news is that there are many coping mechanisms for dealing with stress both at home and at work. Get in touch for more information simply by completing the Contact form on this page