Its good to talk

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Most of us are comfortable discussing day to day events, our views, community events and even the more sensitive subjects like Politics and Religion. But fewer people feel comfortable talking about their emotions and feelings.

During WW2 it was embedded in our culture that…

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to talk about your feelings was very much frowned upon and against the rules.

This attitude was passed on through generations, but over the decades things have changed and people have become more open…but some of us still have difficulty in talking about how we feel. Internalising our feelings can damage our health both mentally and physically.

In today’s society its becoming more acceptable and positively encouraged that “Its good to talk”. If you’re feeling a bit low, anxious, annoyed,stressed etc then just share that with a partner, relative or close friend. If you are unsure about what to do about your feelings or why you are feeling that way then find someone outside the family or your circle of friends who you could talk to. Someone who you are not emotionally attached to. Someone who you could discuss your feelings with in confidence.

To talk about how you are feeling is not a sign of weakness. In our view it is a sign of strength and courage.

Geoff Miles and Helen Payne-Kumar