One-to-One Therapy

Tree reflected in water representing one-to-one therapy from See for Miles

Based from our offices in Pewsey, Wiltshire, we provide one to one counselling & psychotherapy for those who feel that they are treading water and finding it difficult to cope. We work with you to develop new options and turn a perceived crisis into something positive, exciting, evolutionary.

Psychotherapeutic counselling sessions can help with your mental health needs which require regular maintenance. At See For Miles our sensitive, yet challenging approach to counselling is strengthened through developing a strong working relationship between therapist and client, encouraging those to move from where they are now. Enabling clients to explore their own options, reach their own decisions and to act upon them accordingly, making effective decisions which lead to positive changes in their attitude and/or behavior.


You will be guided through the necessary steps to instigate change. Our treatments include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy & Regression
  • Counselling & Relationship Counselling
  • Children & Adolescents Counselling
  • Supervision & Staff Support
  • Courses & Workshops


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