Employee stress is the cause of more lost working days than any other work related illness.

Our Approach

Our programmes go to a much deeper level than Traditional People Profiling will allow, resulting in a more grounded outcome. Change will always continue but we imbed the skillset to cope longterm.

How Can We Help

Working with Groups and Individuals, SFM can support your organisation through the following services:

Helping Leaders...

  • align of personal and company values
  • change and manage its effects on employees
  • with leadership & communication styles

Helping Teams...

  • to manage change and move forward as a cohesive group
  • understand work/life imbalances & it's effects on the team
  • deal with excessive work loads as a team

Helping Individuals...

  • turn crisis into a positive challenge
  • address work/life imbalances
  • use techniques and strategies for managing a positive, productive, healthy outcome


By providing employees with the Tools & Techniques needed to maintain long term change both in the workplace and in their personal lives you are creating:

  • a more articulate, confident & engaged workforce
  • increased morale & performance
  • reduced sickness absenteeism
  • money savings
  • reduced staff turnover