Attitude not Aptitude!

... making the most of exams

Course Objective

This is a fun, interactive workshop, incorporating a range of learning styles to provide Secondary School and University students with the tools and techniques to draw on when life is hectic and the demands on them are high.

Providing a framework for students to understand when the pressure is on, be aware if pressures are getting out of hand and what to do about it. Enabling them to see life's challenges positively and to ultimately achieve and perform at their peak.

Course Outline

3 Hours in Duration

Is pressure ever good for you? ... YES!!

When under control, it helps to motivate us and raise our game when we are faced with a challenge. Too much of it does the opposite. It's how you respond that makes all the difference!!

Part I How Do We React To Pressure

Part II: Thoughts/Emotions/Physical Reactions & How They Work Together

Part III Creating BEN. Interactive Characterisation Exercise.

Part IV Putting It Into Practice. Tools & Techniques Uncovered.