Long term Relationships

 “No. Come to think of it my parents never showed any signs of affection to each other.”

Beginning or already in a long-term relationship?

We don’t learn about it at school. Our only first hand experience as children is observing our parents Relationship. Here is an except from my book, “Working with Relationships… can’t live without them”

What actually is a Relationship?

Let’s start by looking at an ideal way to enter into a long term relationship.

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Relationships at Christmas

We are fast approaching the time when, for thousands of years, we celebrate the short, cold days of winter by staying indoors with family and friends. We feast, play, offer gifts and reconnect. A good time should be had by all.

Whatever is going in our lives, it is never easy to switch into festive mode with everyone huddled around our table. With lives now being lived at a faster pace, and with the challenges we are all faced with it can sometimes be difficult to unwind and this can put quite a strain on Relationships. However, there are one or two things that you can do to avoid this.

  1. Be aware of what the festive season means to you.
  2. What do you want from it?
  3. Be realistic about your limits.
  4. Be realistic about your expectations
  5. Plan your time. Pace it.
    Share the chores – including cooking the feast!
  6. Whatever the weather, take time for yourself, get some fresh air, go for a walk.
  7. Take time to talk to your partner. Are you both OK?
  8. Remember to get some early nights with restful sleep.
  9. Stay within your financial limits.

Remember that in pre-Industrial Revolution days you were kept in check by natural restraints such as how good the autumn harvest has been. Post-war you were rationed but still able to enjoy the few things that you could have.
Have a really good time, keep things in perspective and do things in moderation.

Men and Emotions

Men and emotions

This article was published in 2014 and is worth a read;
Looking back, however, I think that things have begun to change. I am seeing many more male clients than before and they come from a diversity of backgrounds; Brokers,Soldiers,Builders,Sportsmen. Areas not usually associated with men who are able to express their emotions. In fact it is not a weakness to address your emotions. I see it as a strength.

I encourage more men to embrace their feelings and feel a heck of a lot better for doing it.

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Time to unwind.

A phrase I commonly hear is “I just cant find the time”

Don’t be ruled by time, learn to use it to your advantage.
Watch the clock count out 60 seconds, one minute, and see how long it takes!
Then spend another minute looking at the above picture or something similar.
See how quickly you you can become more relaxed in the time that you thought would just take a blink of the eye.

Saying for today

Saying of the day

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